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Offshore expedition and nautical academy

The strengths of seal Expeditions create a top-notch offshore expedition school and nautical academy that offers maritime live skills, adventure, practical seamanship and comprehensive offshore sailing experience.
The skipper will demonstrate, instruct and discuss every aspect of preparing and conducting offshore passage making. And will strengthen your knowledge-base and confidence so that you are well prepared to sail and skipper a yacht anywhere in the world.

During the trip there will be several on-board seminars. 
The first one is before departure. This will focus on familiarization of the ship , while capturing the crew’s level of knowledge and experience of offshore sailing. Also it will provide instructions and generic information with respect to watch keeping, responsibilities and tasks. This is to ensure that the crew is capable and comfortable to sail away in the blue.
Other on-board seminars or seminars to be provided during stop-overs will focus on offshore sailing and cruise passaging. These seminars include but are not limited to: passage making, routing, sail planning, downloading and interpreting weather information and monitoring weather conditions, electronic and chart navigation, communications, watch keeping and log book maintenance, anchoring and anchor safety procedures, heavy weather sailing, meal planning and provisioning, ship maintenance, emergency procedures such as medical emergencies and distress situations etc.
All theory will be provided in a package of practical experience. We warmheartedly welcome you on board!


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